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traffic looks good. it is 4:29 let's go back to pam. topping the news there is a new twist in a serial killer case. she was kidnapped back in 1988. claudine wong joins us with that story. >> reporter: they are expected to talk about this latest information and we are learning more from her mother and about a blog she wrote. when kayla was just nine years old, she was kidnapped from a grocery store. the last 24 years have been filled with leads and on her blog she writes, i think this might be it. this is a lead that is connected to the speed freak killers and the search of those
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wells. remains of hobson who went missing in 1985 at the age of 16 and a box of bones said to be hers was given to her mother. she want -- they wanted wesley howard shermantine to give to others. >> they can do the right thing for these families to get their closure but he is needs to do the right thing for everybody else. >> hobson's mother had the bones tested and it turns out they were not all of her daughter's. according to the mother, dna tests were taken but they were inn controversy conclusive and they are undergoing maestro cop drail -- undergoing tests and they say if this it couldn't --
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if this is confirmed, she will be relieved. it breaks my heart to think of her little body lying in that horrible place for all those years and if that is so i want to gather her up and bring her home. we will talk about these latest developments sometime later today. claudine wong. there is a major case of a hercules woman killed in her home. retired school teacher was found stab to dab inside her home. her subaru rammed into a patrol car and took tack off but was originally arrest by police officers. here is what the family is saying. >> this is the first deep breath we all took as a family
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and as a community. >> now authorities say the couple was wanted for an allege crime spree and he he is spained without help from his wife. they were also accused of killing a sheriff's deputy last month. it happened at 9:30 near the intersection. witnesses a they heard of police so shots. we checked on their condition and they say they are being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. a serial arsonist has apparently struck okay. that fire did not cause any significant damage and people 0
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who live close by put out. the cops same day as fires and so far the fires have only damaged trees and fences but there is concern it could spread to homes. after occupying an empty building in the city's castro district and the group homes, not jails world homeless day. they entered a building and began hanging signs from the roof. >> this has been pulled off the market for about seven years. police say some of the
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protesters arrested could face fill any charges. a masked gunman in a -- on a motorcycle was headed to the embassy where he had worked for 20 years. a source said it has the fingerprints of al qaeda. it is unclear about the incident that killed stevens. coming up at 4:42 we will have a live report from bill. chances for another bay bridge are still alive. well sends it here, the oakland
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a's will live another day. >> they rallied and beat them 4- 3 last night and as tradition, the fun loving aides congratulated the cocoa critp. >> maybe i never loved you. an amounts fans -- a's fans hope to cheer them to victory and way done, there it goes, angle pay again. smacked three home runs to win 8-3. out of the lincoln they truck out six hitters, it trust
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struck out this morning pacific time. i think people might be feeling sick this morning. >> i can feel it now. i better get home. good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute. traffic is moving well on 80 westbound and 5 -- 580 is there and should be gone pie 5:00. also westbound -- gone by fiv knife. 43 -- 5:00. 437, let's go to steve. for others it was a warm sunny day and we are looking at it and noticing those clouds look interesting. from the sierra valley, we gave some thunder and lightning, most of it has moved offshore. underneath that there is a very
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extensive low cloud deck. it is going to be a very, very cool tie and it takes place in the sierra and does back out to the pacific. it look like that main spank, -- many bank of america next week it will weeingen considerably. now the yellow with be if the itp 0s and there are signs middle of next week we could be very warm inland. who clouds, isolated showers for areas that should be much warmer than this.
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slight bun off from that fog and it does look better later next week. and they are to blame, a father and son were on their way back point from a end a's game. they say they were only traveling 35 miles per hour. they did walk away from the crash. and there is more on how the sheriff is returning to his day-to-day duties. she wants mitt romney to stop talking about her son. good morning. westbound 24. we will tell you about the morning commute. you.
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. new this morning, rescuers pulled a construction worker from a collapsed building. the man was trapped in the rubble for 13 hours. he is now in extremely critical condition. the garage had been under construction when it -- under construction when it fell. they are still searching for one worker who is still missing. in the race for the white house, vice-presidential candidates meet for their one on only debate. they say the steaks are high for mitt romney and his republican rival. good morning >> reporter: it is the first
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and only face off for these candidates but the outcome could shift the momentum in this contest. the race for the white house is now focused in danville kentucky. and the race is for the presidential face off. paul ryan does not deny joe biden has more experience. >> i noel come and attack us. the problem he has, he has president barack obama's record he has to run on. >> reporter: with a virtual tie, the steaks in danville are high. especially after last week's debate where mitt romney was emerging victorious over president barack obama. he ended up distracting from the message such as this
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comment in virginia. >> unchained wall street. they are going to put you all back in chains. >> it is said before 70 million people so all debates are tough but i am looking forward to it. >> he said he has confidence in his running mate. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. congressman joe is affective and good speaker. >> . >> reporter: despite the nearly 30 year age gap, they actually get along quite well. live in denville kentucky, back to you. >> you can watch it beginning at 6:00 tonight and ktvu channel 2 morning news it will
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follow immediately on our website mitt romney is dropping one of his campaign talking points after the mother of a former navy seal asked mitt romney to stop talking about her son. >> i have met some wonderful people. one was a former navy seal and glenn -- and he -- we chatted for a while. >> glenn's mother said she does not want mitt romney to use her son's political agenda. he was inspired by him but he will respect the wishes of his mother. this morning recent itty track received color owes our notices of -- foreclosures down
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15%. it runs counterto what many people are accused of. he is accused of killing 12 people an injuring 58 others. most of the evidence in the case is made public. prosecutors are expected to file 14 additional counts of  murder bringing the total number of counts of james homes to 166. after today's hearing, the judge will decide if this is enough evidence. giselle esteban is denying any involvement in the disappearance of michelle le. the tape was played for the up expecter. in it giselle esteban goes from laughing to crying and repeatelly -- repeatedly asks if she is a suspect. she is accused of killing and dumping her body in may of 211.
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-- 2011. he is asking him to recuse himself of some of his duties. they are asking to a point somebody -- appoint somebody else to oversee all domestic violence cases and sheriff ross mirkarimi was accused of domestic violence for bruising his wife's arm. >> we are hoping he can see clearly the conflict of interest that is there and will do so voluntarily. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi told us he will have a quote, legal response to compass cone's request. meantime he will fully resume office. it keep the -- they will keep the department of justice to close the dispensary for marijuana which is considered
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the largest in the u.s. they pay about a million toll lores a year -- dollars a year in taxes. the department of transportation is expected to bring them close to a billion dollars today. ray la hood, senator finestein and die and pelosi -- dianne pelosi, they say voters have to approve the subway station plan. now let's go to sal to check in on traffic, sal? traffic continues to look good around the bay area, it is nice and early and let's go out and take a look at some of these pictures. it still looks good driving in from vallejo all you the way to the east shore freeway. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems getting into the city and if you are driving on the freeway,
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high ward freeway, -- hayward freeway, things are looking good as you drive towards the airport, let's go to steve. now low was sitting there. it started to work its way up the coast but picked up enough moisture. reported los gatos, prune dale, coming right off the center and this came over us as that low moves into southern california. underneath that, showers are still moving south but it looks like the bulk is moving clearer
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and breeze is he. northwest sap hose and it could be one of the largest. temperatures will start to warm up, nothing great or anything. but occasionally some of these can clip us with an isolated showers. another system and we will keep them going many 6s 0s and we could have a partly sunny skies -- we could have partly sunny skies and partly cloudy skies right at 70 degrees. and it does look warmer with your weekend always in view and a little warmer inland sunday and monday. tensions are growing between wal-mart and their workers. the issue that could lead to nationwide protest on the busiest shopping day of the
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year. 'one sailor is demanding $200,000. stay tuned for more. o'
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. welcome back. a san jose woman is being treated for burns after a fiery explosion at her home. it happened yesterday
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afternoon. three other people made it out safely without any injuries. firefighters say it appears the explosion was on the second floor but they are still investigating what caused it. wal-mart workers are giving them until friday to approve conditions. they protested in arkansas yesterday and employees at 28 stores across the country walked off the job. they could hold strikes on the day of thanksgiving when many people flooded the stores to get deals. they called the doping contest a one sided job. they issued a 200 page report detailing armstrong's alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. arm strong's wife is accused of handing out cortisone pills.
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armstrong has already been stripped of his 7 tour defrance titles. a man is being handed $200,000 for rescuing the boat. the boat apparently came loose from its anchor. now he says he is end titled for a hefty reward under maritime law. energy which is strapped for cash will likely fight this in court. and they are on their way for the final way of the space shuttle. they are putting rough plates at the international airport. endeavor's trip will rap it up on saturday. >> it will be a vivid traffic jam down there. >> well t- looking good down here. so far -- well with, it is
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looking good down here. let's go out and see what we have. westbound between walnut creek and oakland, it is a nice looking drive, no major problems on interstate 880 when you get to oakland, we will take a look at that and traffic is moving along well, i do see traffic looking good and we'll see what that is all about. if you are driving to the peninsular we are off to a decent start here but for the most part it is a nice drive. let's go to steve. well our testimony did exactly what we thought and all of a sudden right off the sierra nevada. we painted painted that and we
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still could have an isolated shower and it is going going to be a cool day. a very robust sea breeze is out on its way to the delta in sacramento and the system there is what is bumping our little low and it took the longest time to do it and as it does, it will take a little of that cloud cover with it. isolated shower or two. 50s and 60s. it looks to be a slight warm up and there could be some inland taking place sunday and monday. coming up, immune any bus -- a muni bus hit by gunfire. they are hoping to unravel clues. the latest overnight, what they are doing to track down
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the fire bug.
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